Whatever it is, you have learnt it.

baby learning | hypnotherapy can help you learn better thought patterns

Hypnotherapy for anxietyAs a parent and a hypnotist, I find it particularly interesting spending time with my kids in the morning and then spending time with clients during the same day.

The interesting thing about kids is they don’t know a lot of things and they haven’t learnt to have problems yet. Difficulties are frequently easily overcome and then rapidly forgotten.

I’ve never met a 2 year old that was depressed. I’ve never met a 2 year old with a gambling addiction. I’ve never yet met a 2 year old that was stressed out about their body image and weight.

Why? Because they haven’t learnt to do those things yet.

When I talk to clients one question I always ask is, “When did you start to have the problem, because at some time they learnt how to do it?” For most people there is a specific time when they started to do the behavior and learnt how to do it.

It would have made sense at the time to get scared, anxious or angry, but 5 or 10 years later (as an adult) that habit often doesn’t make sense anymore and is probably getting a lot of results in ones day to day life that aren’t quite so appealing.

In the same way that having ongoing problems (like anxiety that runs in the family) are usually learnt patterns, in the same way that having a lack of the problem can also be learnt.

Hypnotherapy and psychotherapy is an effective gentle way to get our minds and bodies back to the place that they were before they learnt the problem; so often just remember this can be enough to shift the problem into a past tense.

If you have a habit that you are doing that you don’t want to do now, consider when you started to do it? And is it really an appropriate thing to do now?

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