What does Hypnosis feel like

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what does hypnosis feel like

What does hypnosis feel like?

Whey you are seeing a hypnotist for Hypnosis for Anxiety, Hypnosis for Weight Loss or hypnosis for sports performance, most people have a number of questions about the process of hypnotherapy and what the trance state will be like. The first question clients often ask is what does hypnosis feel like?what does hypnosis feel like

Clients before their first session often have a lot of questions and have previous information about what they think hypnosis might be like. They are familiar with hypnosis because they’ve either been to a show or seen a show on TV. TV depictions aren’t a good representation of what happens in normality. This is particularly true of hypnosis.

People want to know what it will be like for them.  In some senses that’s an easy question to answer and in other ways it’s not. This is simply because everyone experiences hypnosis different.

As a definition, The state of hypnosis is a state of elevated relaxation and highly focussed attention. The person experiencing the hypnotic state used in hypnotherapy, will have at the same a very relaxed body but at the same time they will have in increased awareness of the hypnotists voice.

Additionally, a common experience of people emerging from the trance state is that they experienced an increased awareness of their senses and the world outside of the hypnotists room, but they didn’t care about it. This happens because in the trance state the activity of the sensory corticies actually increases while in the trance state.

Upon emerging from trance some people feel a little be drowsy like emerging from a deep sleep, people often feel intensely rejuvenated and refreshed like they have just woken up from a long and restorative sleep and most often people emerge from trance with little concept of time or what the hypnotist said. This is call Hypnotic Time distortion and it’s the most common experience of people under hypnosis.

Whatever it is that you will experience, it’s a wonderful experience to be in trance. As the person doing the hypnosis all the time, it a wonderful thing to be able to assist someone to experience.

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