how three key principles of your mind relate to human behaviour

behaviours and habits canbe like roundabouts | hypnotherapy

by Michael Brook, Master Hypnotist

Discover how three key principles of the mind relate to the habits you have formed.

There are there neurological principles of the mind which describe and demonstrate the way people can get stuck doing habits they don’t like.

These three key principles of the mind relate directly to how we form habits, through repetitive behaviour.They are:

  1. Habituation
  2. Maximum Efficiency
  3. Neuroplasticity

The first principle of habituation says that every behaviour, done frequently enough, becomes habit and will be attempted to be perpetuated forever. Have a think about this; when was the last time you tied your shoes differently from how you learnt to it as a child?

The second principle of maximum effort says that if any behaviour is done often enough to become habitual, then it’s worth making it better /more efficient. So your mind will find ways of making you better at doing the things you do regularly.

The third principle of neuroplasticity says that if you do a habit/behaviour often enough, it will begin to change your neurology and become the default pattern of behaviour (when the context for that behaviour shows up).

Put all these things to get and you get the following..

Any behaviour done often enough, gets repeated forever, you get better at it and you do it automatically without thinking, whenever you have to.

Doesn’t this describe the behaviour of most human beings? Doesn’t this describe how people get stuck in patterns of behaviour that once worked but no longer get them useful results, and yet they often still keep doing it?

Now while these neurological principles of the mind can be used to describe the way people can get stuck doing habits they don’t like, it also offers tremendous hope to creating new behaviours.

You see once a new behaviour is found, change can be permanent and life lasting. Consider that any new behaviour done often enough, gets repeated forever, and as you get better at it, do it automatically without thinking, that will continue to happen whenever you need it to.

This means that how we create bad habits is also how we can create good habits – so the results we get begin to change.

Time to change your habits?

Hypnotherapy is a commonly used approach to interrupt and change stuck patterns of behaviour and create newer and better ones.

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blog by Michael Brook, Master Hypnotist

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