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Hypnosis for pain relief. Aspire Hypnotherapy North Lakes

Hypnotherapy increasingly recognised for safe and effective pain reduction during operations and childbirth.

Hypnosis could be the next step in surgical pain relief, reducing the need for anesthesia.

Fearing pain in operations is understandable. So, would you believe it possible to undergo surgery without a general anaesthetic, and not feel a thing? A report in the New Scientist last week revealed how a patient at the Lister Hospital in London was hypnotised by a specially trained anaesthetist minutes before having breast surgery, and experienced no pain as the surgeon made incisions.

So powerful was her hypnotic trance that 46-year-old Pippa Plaisted claims: “The plastic surgeon was cutting and sewing inside me, but I couldn’t feel any sensation at all.”

After the procedure, which was carried out seven years ago, Plaisted said she suffered “no nausea or wooziness” and had “a clear head”. Her case is unusual, but not unique. Hypnotherapy is gaining credence within the medical profession as a safe and helpful practice in a wide range of situations, from weight loss to pain relief and quitting smoking.

In Belgium, where much of the research has been done, doctors routinely use hypnotherapy combined with small amounts of analgaesics as an alternative to a general anaesthetic. About 5,000 procedures have been carried out on hypnotised patients at Liege Hospital, where researchers have found benefits included less bleeding and making operations easier to perform. When an incision is made into the body, blood vessels naturally constrict to prevent copious bleeding, a reaction that is inhibited by anaesthetic drugs.

In Britain, surgery under hypnosis is rare, but Tom Connelly, secretary of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis, says that a growing number of women are turning to the practice to help cope with the pain of labour.

There is evidence that “hypnobirthing” works. At the University of Florida, Professor Paul Schaubel and his colleagues showed how women who learnt self-hypnosis before giving birth needed less medication, had fewer complications and were more likely to deliver healthier babies. They also suffered less stress and anxiety in the weeks before birth.

Typically, hypnotherapists use visual imagery to help someone enter a hypnotic state. Clients are often asked to close their eyes and think of somewhere they feel safe and secure, such as a beach on holiday. Gradually slowing down his voice, the hypnotist asks them to report what they see, smell and hear as they slip into a hypnotic state, usually within several minutes.

Although there are four stages of hypnotic trance (hypnoid, light, medium and deep), only a light state is required for most health procedures, although a deep trance (which takes longer to induce) may be needed to block out extreme pain.

In January, researchers at Stanford University Medical School showed how hypnosis helped children cope with painful health examinations.

In a study of 45 children facing voiding cystourethography (VCUG), which checks to see if urine is backing into the kidneys, Professor David Speigel, a psychiatrist at Stanford, saw “less crying and less distress” in children who were hypnotised.

“Technicians said the procedure was easier to perform on those with hypnosis,” Spiegel says. “And the duration of the operation was cut from 50 minutes to 35 minutes.”

Until recently, neuroscientists were puzzled about how hypnotherapy works. Now they are beginning to understand why. Last year, researchers at the University of Iowa used magnetic resonance imaging scans to find out if hypnosis alters brain activity in a way that might explain pain reduction.

Their results, reported in the journal Regional Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine, showed patients under hypnosis experienced significantly less pain when exposed to strong heat and had a distinctly different pattern of brain activity when not hypnotised. Researchers concluded that hypnosis somehow blocks signals from reaching parts of the brain that perceive pain.


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Hypnosis for fertility, pregnancy, birth at Aspire Hypnotherapy Brisbane

Hypnosis for fertility, pregnancy and birth

by Bree Taylor Molyneaux

Having sessions with a hypnotherapist for fertility or during pregnancy is no different to going to the gym with a personal trainer to keep your body in great shape; sometimes our mind needs exercise to keep things in balance and to maintain a healthy perspective.

Hypnosis and fertility

Most couples who don’t conceive quickly start to stress and worry “something is wrong with me” and it “shouldn’t be taking this long to get pregnant”. The reality is, most of us have more stress in our lives than we necessarily need and stress has a negative effect on fertility.

For a woman, stress triggers the release of cortisol that can delay ovulation or impair implantation of a successfully fertilised egg. An unsuccessful IVF cycle or failed attempt at conceiving naturally can then create more stress and disappointment, and the stress cycle repeats all over again, creating more stress and emotional unrest. For a man stress commonly contributes to a lower sperm count.

Hypnotherapy can assist you in reducing stress for fertility while working to restore your body and mind to optimal health – ideal for conception and a healthy pregnancy.

Hypnosis and pregnancy

There are many minor ailments commonly experienced in pregnancy such as morning sickness, excessive hormonal and blood sugar fluctuations, and excessive swelling and fluid retention. Hypnotherapy can be used to relieve these ailments, to reduce stress levels and to resolve any emotional or physical issues that arise during pregnancy.

Hypnosis for birth preparation

Hypnotherapy for birth has for many years now been utilised as a form of natural pain relief. HypnoBirthing classes (the use of hypnosis specifically for birth preparation) began in 1989 and today is still supporting and educating women wanting a natural birth on the best way to achieve this with minimal or no pain relief.

HypnoBirthing teaches couples techniques and strategies to birth calmly, in the way nature intended so that their birth can be an experience of joy instead of a traumatic, painful or worrisome event.

Using hypnosis for fertility, pregnancy or birth

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