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Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Hypnosis for Weight LossHypnosis for weight loss.

The Hypnosis for Weight Loss package is designed to assist you in making Health your habit. Many people attempt to diet. Many people make New Years resolutions about how they will go the Gym and work out. Studies show that 98% of new years resolutions are not followed through on.

To make a permanent change to your weight you need a Mind Plan not a meal plan.

There are over 25000 books on dieting in print.

With each new diet that comes on to the market there will be a flurry of publicity and a number of new converts but more often than not frequently those convert will follow the diet for a period of time and then fall into their old BAD habits of eating and lack of exercise.

This may have happened to you.

If this has happened to you then there is good news.

What you needed wasn’t a meal plan but a Mind Plan.

The unconscious mind, the part of you that controls your body, has a powerful impulse to do what is familiar with. This is particularly true in times of stress.

So while the diet may seem like a good idea and you tried it out, as soon as some stressors come along you dropped it and fell back into your bad habits.

The importance of having a Mind Plan.

Your mind controls your body and it does what is familiar to it.

Unless you make your weight lose goals and healthy habits familiar and highly desired to you then as soon as you are stressed, it will start doing what’s familiar to it.

If you have a Mind Plan, that is you train your brain through hypnosis, you can train your brain to make your goals into your habits.

If you can turn your goals into your habits you can have the weight control that you want.

This coaching package is designed to systematically assist you in creating healthy habits that get you your results.

The package addresses:

  1. Motivation to Exercise
  2. Emotional Eating.
  3. Clearing up any past trauma that may be causing emotional eating
  4. Creating new healthy habits of being
  5. Automating your new healthy habits into the new you.

Each session is carried out and recorded into your mobile phone so you listen to the guided trance each day for 3 weeks.

You will be amazed at the results you will get as your new habits become simply what you do, so you can look forward to a healthy and active life at the weight that you want.

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Hypnosis for stress

Effortless Change

Effortless change… the experience of change you want to have…for Hypnotherapy for Stress

When people see a hypnotist to get Hypnotherapy for Stress, they sometimes think that it may be difficult. That may be because a lot of things in their lives already may be difficult, which is why they seek out a hypnotist.

Often when people come to see at hypnotherapist at Aspire they really want something to change in their lives. They may want to lose weight, overcome anxiety or depression, or move forward after a past trauma or stressful event.

One of the things that gets said most frequently by new clients, is “I’ve tried nearly everything and nothing really worked or nothing stuck” at-least not for long enough to achieve the results they were after.

After the first session when they come back for the second session, most often clients will say 1 or both of two things.

Firstly. they will say how easy the change has been. They will often say that the change they desired required no motivation and will power.

Secondly, they will often say that they don’t know it’s working, even though they are getting the exact outcome they desire. This occurs because the change has already happened at an unconscious level and the conscious mind is simply unaware that they are on the road to achieving their outcome.

Once the unconscious mind changes, the change becomes effortless.

In contrast, attempting something like losing weight by forcing yourself to do something different doesn’t really work.

Think about this, there have been 25,000 dieting books publish in the UK but there are still millions of people who struggle with their weight in that country.

The fastest way to change an unconscious level is to see a skilled hypnotist and they can assist you in experiencing the type of change you desire.


Michael Brook.

Master Hypnotist.

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Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Hypnotherapy for anxiety.Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Many people use Hypnotherapy for anxiety. It’s proven to be highly effective in a variety of anxiety disorders.

Anxiety has many causes and many manifestations. Some anxiety is experienced by people prior to surgery and post operatively. Some people experience generalized anxiety. Other people experience panic attacks that are out of their control once triggered by a particular context or environment.

Some anxieties are very easy to understand. Being anxious about going into surgery is understandable. Other anxieties are more difficult to understand.

While all anxieties are different, they have similar features. Anxiety frequently is triggered by a particular environment or context, the person experiencing the anxiety will frequently imagine negative things happening within that environment and then have a strong physiological response based on the imagined negative event that hasn’t happened yet.

The treatment of anxiety involves a number of steps.

Firstly the nature of the anxiety is uncovered. Where they have the anxiety, how long it lasts for, what happens for them when they have it and how long it lasts for, are all uncovered.

Secondly, when and where the anxiety was learnt is uncovered. Most fears are learned behaviors. Frequently people who have anxiety about a particular experience, had a original experience in which they learnt to have the anxiety.

The next step is the step where under hypnosis the client learns a new way of responding in response to the environment.

The unconscious mind notices what’s different but does what’s familiar to it. So, it’s important when learning a new way of responding to a particular environment or context, to practice and rehearse a different way of responding to a particular context.

At Aspire Hypnotherapy we record the trances that are unique to the client into their mobile phones. They are then tasked with listening to  the trance for 21 days. This has the effect of deepening and strengthening the suggestions as well as assisting the unconscious mind of the client to rehearse the desired response.

Anxiety is changeable and responds very well to Hypnotherapy.

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hypnotherapy weight loss brisbane

Are you looking for Hypnotherapy for weight loss in Brisbane?

Many people struggle with weight gain and want to lose weight but find it difficult to do so. If you are one of those people and you are looking for Hypnotherapy for weight loss in Brisbane, then you have come to the right place.

Many people try different diets and exercise fads. They will lose weight and then put it back on. They will lose weight and they are feeling great. Then they get stressed or their life goes a bit out of control and their diet goes out the window and they start to put the weight back on.

There are number of reasons why this happens. There are biological reasons why this happens. The psychological reason why this happens  is that the in moments of stress the unconscious mind will do what is familar to it and what gives it comfort.

Food, particularly food that is high in salt or fat or sugar, produces a dopamine response in the brain. Dopamine is the feel good chemical that is released in the brain that lets us feel pleasure.  So, when you are stressed it’s a very natural response to reach for something that gives you pleasure. Often for a lot of people that is food.

Much of the behavior is a preprogrammed response from habits that have been learnt in the past.

These habits can be changed using the power of your unconscious mind to change your preprogrammed response.

This stress response is one of the principle reasons why many people who try to lose weight put it back on.

Through a hypnotic conditioning program you can train your brain to respond to stress different and to eat only when hungry, not when you need a pleasure hit because you are stressed or worried.

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Michael Brook

Master Hypnotist



Hypnosis for insomnia, stress and anxiety. Aspire Hypnotherapy Brisbane

Hypnosis helps insomnia, sleep disruption and anxiety disorders

Hypnosis and Sleep

by Bree Taylor Molyneauxhypnosis and sleep

Studies are now showing that natural worriers seem most vulnerable to the negative effect of sleep loss [1].

Innate worriers — those who are naturally more anxious and therefore more likely to develop an anxiety disorder — are acutely vulnerable to the impact of sleep loss.

New studies are finding that “people who are anxious by nature are the same people who will suffer the greatest harm from sleep deprivation,” and that those with generalized anxiety disorders, panic attacks, and post traumatic stress disorder may benefit from an array of natural approaches to improve their sleep.

Modern psychopathology research is also suggesting that heightened negative anticipation or increased vigilance to a threat is an underlying characteristic in most anxiety disorders.

Hypnosis as a solution

Because of its ability to increase responsiveness, hypnosis is frequently used to alter behaviours and reactions that can contribute to chronic health problems (such as insomnia and other sleep disorders).

According to a research review published in 2007 [2], hypnosis can help ease insomnia and may be useful in the treatment of nightmares, sleep terrors, bedwetting, and sleepwalking.

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy works to reduce underlying stresses, while putting measures in place for a calmer internal state which assists with everyday anxiety and panic. Many hypnotherapists will also teach self-hypnosis to clients, an approach commonly used in the long term treatment of insomnia with great success.

Hypnosis can help you reduce stress and sleep better today.



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[1] The study was published in the June 26 issue of the Journal of Neuroscience.

[2]  Graci GM, Hardie JC. “Evidenced-based hypnotherapy for the management of sleep disorders.” Int J Clin Exp Hypn. 2007 55(3):288-302.


hypnosis and anorexia. Aspire hypnotherapy brisbane

Hypnosis success leads other psychotherapy approaches with a 93% recovery rate

Study finds an impressive hypnosis success rate for hypnosis over 6 sessions, when compared to other psychological based therapies.

by Bree Taylor Molyneauxhypnosis success

In a review of literature published in Psychotherapy: Theory Research and Practice [1] various types of techniques were profiled for their success. The percentages speak for themselves.

  • Hypnosis: 93% recovery after 6 sessions (about 1.5 -2 months)
  • Behavior Therapy: 72% after 22 sessions (about 6 months)
  • Psychotherapy: 38% recovery after 600 sessions (about 11 1/2 years).

“Hypnosis often is used to modify behavior, overcome fears and eliminate bad habits. It assists you in making permanent changes that you’ve been unable to make otherwise.”

Hypnosis works because it addresses problems at the level at which they are occurring. For most people seeing to change their habits, their habits are behaviors that were done once or twice and then automated to the level on unconscious behavior. So, if a problem is occurring and reoccurring at the level of the unconscious mind then it needs to be changed at the level of the unconscious mind.

This is essential how hypnosis works and why it works compared to other therapies, many of which are useful to some degree.

Hypnosis fixes problems at the level of the unconscious mind where they are occurring and being replicated.

So, in the future the new or desired behaviour gets acted out when a context or environment presents itself where the desired behavior is required or seems to be appropriate.

The added benefit of this is that by changing with hypnosis no conscious motivation or will power is required. What surprises many clients with hypnosis isn’t how effective it is, but how easy it is as well.

Hypnosis can resolve your issues fast

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[1] Psychotherapy: Theory Research and Practice (Volume 7, Number 1, Spring, 1970, Alfred A. Barrios, Ph.D.),

Hypnosis for pregnancy anxiety, Aspire Hypnotherapy Brisbane

Anxiety in pregnancy affects baby

Anxiety and stress reduction for a calmer pregnancy is an important focus for women.

For many women, pregnancy should be a joyful time but our busy modern lives are increasing pressure and stress on mums-to-be.

Maintaining a positive, calm state of mind and body is proven to give your baby the optimal environment for development and better chances of a successful full-term pregnancy.

New research is showing us that stress experienced by a woman during pregnancy may affect her unborn baby as early as 17 weeks after conception with potentially harmful effects on brain development and long term behavioural outcomes.

A study[1] conducted over several years in the mid 90’s showed that women who were anxious in the last trimester of pregnancy had children with more behavioural problems. Those who had boys were twice as likely to have a child who showed problems with hyperactivity and inattention problems at age four.

It seems that causing prolonged stress to the mother mother can affect the unborn foetus to that extent that its IQ is lowered. [2]

The solution?

A good diet, regular rest and a good positive attitude all help the unborn baby thrive.  Relaxation therapies such as hypnosis have excellent results in reducing stress levels, and by teaching a pregnant women how to relax during her pregnancy, she will also cope better during labour and as a new parent.

Need to reduce stress and anxiety in your pregnancy?

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[1] Anxiety during pregnancy can double a mother’s risk of having a hyperactive child, according to research released to on 3rd Sept 2007 for National Pregnancy Week.

Professor Vivette Glover of Imperial College, London, presented new findings from a study of more than 7,000 mums-to-be alongside an overview of how stress and anxiety during pregnancy can affect the unborn baby’s development and birth.

Professor Glover and Dr Tom O’Connor studied women living in Avon and expecting their babies between April 1991 and December 1992 (the ALSPAC Study, also known as Children of the 90s). Each woman completed questionnaires designed to measure their level of anxiety at 18 and 32 weeks of pregnancy. Women were identified as anxious if they scored in the top 15 per cent of respondents. Children were assessed for behavioural and emotional problems just before their fourth birthday.

Researchers looked particularly at women who were anxious during their pregnancy, but whose levels of anxiety fell after delivery. This was to see how the baby’s behaviour was affected by antenatal anxiety rather than their mother’s mood during their early years.

Results showed that women who were anxious in the last trimester of pregnancy had children with more behavioural problems. Those who had boys were twice as likely to have a child who showed problems with hyperactivity and inattention problems at age four.

[2] The findings, published in the journal Clinical Endocrinology, come after separate research on animals showed that high levels of stress in a mother during pregnancy could affect brain function and behaviour in her offspring, and other evidence suggesting that maternal stress in humans can affect the developing child, including lowering its IQ.

Hypnosis for fertility, pregnancy, birth at Aspire Hypnotherapy Brisbane

Hypnosis for fertility, pregnancy and birth

by Bree Taylor Molyneaux

Having sessions with a hypnotherapist for fertility or during pregnancy is no different to going to the gym with a personal trainer to keep your body in great shape; sometimes our mind needs exercise to keep things in balance and to maintain a healthy perspective.

Hypnosis and fertility

Most couples who don’t conceive quickly start to stress and worry “something is wrong with me” and it “shouldn’t be taking this long to get pregnant”. The reality is, most of us have more stress in our lives than we necessarily need and stress has a negative effect on fertility.

For a woman, stress triggers the release of cortisol that can delay ovulation or impair implantation of a successfully fertilised egg. An unsuccessful IVF cycle or failed attempt at conceiving naturally can then create more stress and disappointment, and the stress cycle repeats all over again, creating more stress and emotional unrest. For a man stress commonly contributes to a lower sperm count.

Hypnotherapy can assist you in reducing stress for fertility while working to restore your body and mind to optimal health – ideal for conception and a healthy pregnancy.

Hypnosis and pregnancy

There are many minor ailments commonly experienced in pregnancy such as morning sickness, excessive hormonal and blood sugar fluctuations, and excessive swelling and fluid retention. Hypnotherapy can be used to relieve these ailments, to reduce stress levels and to resolve any emotional or physical issues that arise during pregnancy.

Hypnosis for birth preparation

Hypnotherapy for birth has for many years now been utilised as a form of natural pain relief. HypnoBirthing classes (the use of hypnosis specifically for birth preparation) began in 1989 and today is still supporting and educating women wanting a natural birth on the best way to achieve this with minimal or no pain relief.

HypnoBirthing teaches couples techniques and strategies to birth calmly, in the way nature intended so that their birth can be an experience of joy instead of a traumatic, painful or worrisome event.

Using hypnosis for fertility, pregnancy or birth

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