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Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Hypnotherapy for anxiety.Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Many people use Hypnotherapy for anxiety. It’s proven to be highly effective in a variety of anxiety disorders.

Anxiety has many causes and many manifestations. Some anxiety is experienced by people prior to surgery and post operatively. Some people experience generalized anxiety. Other people experience panic attacks that are out of their control once triggered by a particular context or environment.

Some anxieties are very easy to understand. Being anxious about going into surgery is understandable. Other anxieties are more difficult to understand.

While all anxieties are different, they have similar features. Anxiety frequently is triggered by a particular environment or context, the person experiencing the anxiety will frequently imagine negative things happening within that environment and then have a strong physiological response based on the imagined negative event that hasn’t happened yet.

The treatment of anxiety involves a number of steps.

Firstly the nature of the anxiety is uncovered. Where they have the anxiety, how long it lasts for, what happens for them when they have it and how long it lasts for, are all uncovered.

Secondly, when and where the anxiety was learnt is uncovered. Most fears are learned behaviors. Frequently people who have anxiety about a particular experience, had a original experience in which they learnt to have the anxiety.

The next step is the step where under hypnosis the client learns a new way of responding in response to the environment.

The unconscious mind notices what’s different but does what’s familiar to it. So, it’s important when learning a new way of responding to a particular environment or context, to practice and rehearse a different way of responding to a particular context.

At Aspire Hypnotherapy we record the trances that are unique to the client into their mobile phones. They are then tasked with listening to  the trance for 21 days. This has the effect of deepening and strengthening the suggestions as well as assisting the unconscious mind of the client to rehearse the desired response.

Anxiety is changeable and responds very well to Hypnotherapy.

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Specialists Hypnotherapy Brisbane, Apsire Hypnotherapy, Moorooka

specialists hypnotherapy brisbane

Are you looking a specialists hypnotherapy Brisbane?

If you are looking for a specialists in Hypnotherapy in Brisbane you may be confused by the number of people who provide the service.Specialists Hypnotherapy Brisbane, Aspire Hypnotherapy Moorooka

Here’s a brief guide for people who are looking for the right provider of hypnotherapy coaching in Brisbane.

Firstly, they need to be experienced. You want them to have been doing it for a while. In the same way that you wouldn’t want an apprentice carpenter fixing your kitchen, you’d want an experienced person doing the job.

Secondly, you would want them to be able to easily and effectively explain how they will assist you to change and why they are doing it the way they are. Understanding how someone will help you is important for knowing that you can trust them.

Thirdly, you want them to be able to create unique solutions for you, not just read from a script in a book. You are a unique individual and you need to be treated in a unique way. Human beings aren’t made like cookies. Their problems are different, the solutions must also be different.

Finally, they need to have had excellent training. There are many training providers of variable quality. You want someone to assist you who has trained from the best of the best.

At Aspire hypnotherapy, fit all the criteria above. We have trained with the best of the best. We will treat you as a unique individual and unique solutions will be provided to you unique problems.

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Hypnosis for stress

Anxiety Treatment Brisbane

anxiety treatment brisbaneAnxiety Treatment Brisbane

Have you searched for Anxiety Treatment Brisbane? Do you need some help dealing with anxiety? If this is true you have come to the right place.

Stress and anxiety are responses to external threats. The body responds to the external treats via the Hypothalamus, Pituitary, Adrenal loop. In response to perceived external threats a lot of stress chemicals are released that place the body on alert and in a hypervigilant state.

As an occasional response to external threats to your body it works brilliantly. However, in environments where the stress is constant and ongoing it can have profoundly negative effects on a person’s peace of mind and physical body. Ongoing stress has been said to have a contribution to 80% of all modern diseases.

Hypnosis works very well with stress and anxiety in that it can reprogram the internal response to the external environment. Once an internal response in automated it is perpetuated.  Hypnosis retrains the brain to experience the external environment as less stressful or to solve the problems presented in the external environment thereby reducing the stress.

Anxiety and panic attacks are similarly learned responses to stressful environment. From an evolutionary perspective this makes a lot of sense.  Learn a strong response that assists survival given in strongly negative environment that could affect survival.

What we do for anxiety treatment Brisbane?

When treating anxiety we:

  • look the initial experience where the response has been learnt
  • The pattern of responding to the external environment and what triggers the anxiety
  • and the desired response to the anxiety inducing trigger.

The desired behavior is the made into a hypnotic trance and recorded into the clients mobile phone for them to repeatedly listen to the trance. This is done to condition the desired response into deeply into the mind of the client when an environment that looks like the old pattern of behaviour is needed, the unconscious mind responds with a new behaviour.

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anxiety brisbane

anxiety brisbane

anxiety brisbaneDo you suffer from anxiety Brisbane?

Do you suffer from anxiety Brisbane? Does your heart race when you have to do something simple. Do you sometimes wish that you could change the way you respond. If this is you have you have come to the right place.

Anxiety is an internal response to an external event. The external event happens and you experience an internal stress response in relationship to the external event. Anxiety is often a learned response in response. A stressful environment or experience occurred in the past generated a stressful response and when a environment appears that appears similar to that environment, your unconscious mind will, helpfully, generate the stress response.

However, it can do this many years after the initial experience.

How we work with anxiety

When working with people with anxiety we normally follow the following steps:

  • we find out when the client learnt the anxiety response.
  • We find out what type of response response you would like instead the anxiety response.
  • we find out what you need to do to remove yourself from or change the stressful environment in which the anxiety response occurs.

At Aspire hypnotherapy we create custom change programs for our clients. We find out the unique aspects of how they came about to have their problem and the unique suggestions that will assist them in overcoming the problem and responding to the stressful environment differently.

Highly stressful environments don’t have to responded to stressfully.


Pilots train themselves to respond to stressful event highly effectively through training drills.

Hypnosis allows you to train your mind to respond to the way you want to. We record the trances into your mobile so that you can repeatedly train your mind to respond effectively to the stressful environment.

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Hypnosis for pregnancy anxiety, Aspire Hypnotherapy Brisbane

Anxiety in pregnancy affects baby

Anxiety and stress reduction for a calmer pregnancy is an important focus for women.

For many women, pregnancy should be a joyful time but our busy modern lives are increasing pressure and stress on mums-to-be.

Maintaining a positive, calm state of mind and body is proven to give your baby the optimal environment for development and better chances of a successful full-term pregnancy.

New research is showing us that stress experienced by a woman during pregnancy may affect her unborn baby as early as 17 weeks after conception with potentially harmful effects on brain development and long term behavioural outcomes.

A study[1] conducted over several years in the mid 90’s showed that women who were anxious in the last trimester of pregnancy had children with more behavioural problems. Those who had boys were twice as likely to have a child who showed problems with hyperactivity and inattention problems at age four.

It seems that causing prolonged stress to the mother mother can affect the unborn foetus to that extent that its IQ is lowered. [2]

The solution?

A good diet, regular rest and a good positive attitude all help the unborn baby thrive.  Relaxation therapies such as hypnosis have excellent results in reducing stress levels, and by teaching a pregnant women how to relax during her pregnancy, she will also cope better during labour and as a new parent.

Need to reduce stress and anxiety in your pregnancy?

Contact us now to discover the benefits of using hypnosis in pregnancy, or checkout our sister site which also offers hypnotherapy for women while pregnantAspire Hypnotherapy offers appointments  in Moorooka, on Brisbane’s South Side.

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[1] Anxiety during pregnancy can double a mother’s risk of having a hyperactive child, according to research released to on 3rd Sept 2007 for National Pregnancy Week.

Professor Vivette Glover of Imperial College, London, presented new findings from a study of more than 7,000 mums-to-be alongside an overview of how stress and anxiety during pregnancy can affect the unborn baby’s development and birth.

Professor Glover and Dr Tom O’Connor studied women living in Avon and expecting their babies between April 1991 and December 1992 (the ALSPAC Study, also known as Children of the 90s). Each woman completed questionnaires designed to measure their level of anxiety at 18 and 32 weeks of pregnancy. Women were identified as anxious if they scored in the top 15 per cent of respondents. Children were assessed for behavioural and emotional problems just before their fourth birthday.

Researchers looked particularly at women who were anxious during their pregnancy, but whose levels of anxiety fell after delivery. This was to see how the baby’s behaviour was affected by antenatal anxiety rather than their mother’s mood during their early years.

Results showed that women who were anxious in the last trimester of pregnancy had children with more behavioural problems. Those who had boys were twice as likely to have a child who showed problems with hyperactivity and inattention problems at age four.

[2] The findings, published in the journal Clinical Endocrinology, come after separate research on animals showed that high levels of stress in a mother during pregnancy could affect brain function and behaviour in her offspring, and other evidence suggesting that maternal stress in humans can affect the developing child, including lowering its IQ.

Stress reduction with hypnotherapy

Discover how relaxation and hypnosis can reduce anxiety and stress

You have probably heard that meditation and relaxation can help you de-stress and unwind. What is less well known is that hypnotherapy and hypnosis also helps you to reduce anxiety and psoriasis conditions, and even free chronic suffers with longer term treatment.

Regularly being in a relaxed state creates physiological changes that reduce stress,  include a lowering of blood pressure, a decrease in heart rate and reduced production of stress hormones (cortisol).

Common conditions caused by high levels of stress include:

  • Anxiety and panic attacks
  • Psoriasis
  • Stomach ulcers
  • Weight gain or loss
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Drug and alcohol addiction
  • Amenorrhea

Research on the benefits of hypnosis to reduce anxiety

A 2012 study on stress and psoriasis[1] found “a significant decrease was noted in anxiety and stress” and that  “relaxation therapy combined with hypnosis significantly increased subjects levels of self-esteem”.

Additionally subjects reported that on follow-up, their treatment gains were maintained.

Research on stress and psoriasis

Most clinicians and researchers agree that stress affects the course, frequency and nature of psoriasis.

A Psoriasis Research Institute study[2] reported that “adjuncts to traditional medical treatment (eg biofeedback training, psychotherapy and hypnosis) that can reduce stress levels and have been shown to have a positive effect on the course of psoriasis. Consideration should therefore be given to advocating adjunctive therapies aimed at reducing psycho-physiological stress (eg. hypnosis)”.   


Looking for a natural stress reduction solution?

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[1] (PsycINFO Database (c) 2012 APA, all rights reserved) (Sapp, Vol 13(2), Sep 1992, 39-55.)

[2] Study by Psoriasis Research Institute. (SD, [1990, 46(4):321-322])