Just a few client success stories

Loss of voice

Thanks again for your help Bree. You have really turned things around for me amazingly in a very short amount of time. To think that just a few weeks ago I could speak for less than 5 mins a day…. I can’t thank you enough!
– Dave, November 2015

Learning and self confidence (teenager)

After the first session we noticed a difference and the teachers even commented something had changed! Giving my teenage son assistance to focus and have confidence to learn in class has been so beneficial.
– Michell’s mum, November 2015

Self Confidence & Relationships

It is so nice to have the confidence and freedom to enjoy my life again. Within only a few sessions I noticed a massive difference in how I felt, and how I lived my life. Thank you for your support and powerful therapy, it has really helped free me in so many ways!
– Rachel, August 2015

Anxiety / Blood Pressure

I cannot thank Bree enough for her assistance in therapy. To be able to communicate my concerns was made so easy when you have a therapist who is so kind and understanding. I felt at ease straight away and Bree calmly listened to my wishes and formed a plan that honestly turned my world around. Please consider Hypnotherapy with Bree when it feels nobody else understands what you are going through.
– Leon, July 2015

Quit Smoking

I have tried to quit many times before and was a long term smoker. I came to the first session wanting to quit but being sceptical if hypnosis would really help. Since the first session I’ve had no cravings and no real interest in smoking. In fact it’s like I never even smoked.
– Rick, Feb 2015

Nervous Blushing

Thank you for your help and I can’t thank you enough. I had the most perfect wedding day. Everything went smoothly and not one bit of redness. I couldn’t believe it, and everyone kept commenting on how calm I was! I took everything in and got to really enjoy the moment. I am so happy I was able to meet with you in such short notice and thank you again.
-Jessica, September 2014

Pre-surgery Anxiety

Thank you so much for our session yesterday, I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful I felt as I left your office. It was like a 500 pound weight was gone off my shoulders! I felt so relaxed, it was like magic and I just couldn’t believe how great I felt (and still feel) about the up-coming surgery. Totally amazing!! I will be recommending you to anyone who needs some help. Thank you so much again.
– Elly, October 2014

Pregnancy anxiety / Early term Labour

Hi Bree Just letting you know that I reach 37 weeks tomorrow. I’m so happy to reach this huge milestone and I have you to thank for making it an anxiety-free journey! I listen to your relaxation tracks most nights too. Thank you for making this pregnancy so much more enjoyable.
– Jessica, July 2014

Chocolate addiction

Before seeing you I could easily eat one block of chocolate per day without a second thought. This is the first Easter in 20 YEARS that I have been free of my chocolate addiction. I am very proud of these changes, and very happy that you were able to help me break this long standing, overbearing addiction. You really are a miracle worker!
– Sally, April 2014

Panic & anxiety

I had a long running issue of panic attacks on public transport, along with excessive anger. In just a few sessions I was able to use whatever form of transport I want, as I want, without panic or worry. My anger is back to a normal healthy range, and life is starting to take on more fun. I really believe I can have a happy life again. Thanks for your support through all of these issues and more.
– Catherine, March 2014

Food aversions

Ever since I was a child I have been unable to eat or even try healthy foods, new foods or most fruit and vegetables. As an adult I was concerned about my long term health, and wanted my aversion to foods gone. I wanted to be able to try new things, and now I can! Thank you for your assistance in helping me change my health, and now have a choice to eat what I want, and try anything I like!
– Alison, Jan 2014

Relationship issues

I’ve lived with jealousy and possessive issues in my marriage for many, many years. Bree helped me overcome these quite noticeably, within two sessions. We also worked on creating a healthier balance for myself, my work and my family life. I am now so much more able to enjoy my husband, without worry, anger or jealousy. Every session we had together has taught me something more, so thank you Bree. Thank you so very much.
– Fiona, Dec 2014

Panic/anxiety, self esteem and overwhelm

Thank you so much for all your help. Over three sessions I have experienced so much improvement, in how I handle my work situation. Overall I am now drastically less stressed, happier, calmer and more motivated. I am incredibly grateful for your assistance. Thanks again!
– Sandra, January 2014

Trauma recovery & self confidence

Since our first session together I have noticed many changes. Now at my final session, I find myself even further along and better off than I ever imagined I could be. Thank you for all the help. I am now living life and just enjoying it!
– Kerry, September 2013

Anger Management

Before seeking your assistance I was angry all the time. It was affecting my work and my family. You have really helped me to not only manage it, but feel so much freer and happier in my life. Now I live with a much more positive outlook, enjoy my family more, and have no need to yell or swear on a daily basis. THANK YOU!
– Fiona, October 2013

Weight-loss and food addictions

Seeing you last week has been the best thing I have done for myself in a very long time, I feel so different!
– Denise, August 2013

Stress reduction & panic attacks

Since our first session together there has been very noticeable changes. Most particularly I am feeling much more positive. Infact I haven’t felt this good in such a long time, it feels almost weird .. but in a good way!
– Kath, July 2013

Quit smoking

After going cold turkey with smoking many years ago, starting up again, and then finally wanting to QUIT for good, I found with the help of hypnosis it was so much easier this time, infact it was much easier than I expected!”
– Alan, June 2013

Cessation of medication

Thanks for your support in coming off my anxiety medication. Its been two weeks now since I am totally free of them and I must say I am feeling great!
– Tom, April 2013

Past birth, pregnancy support and birth preparation

Throughout my second pregnancy I was finding myself getting very stressed and anxious about the upcoming birth after a difficult experience last time. Over three sessions, Bree helped me to feel much calmer, to sleep better and to get more excited about the arrival of my baby. I also found her take home hypnosis CD’s very helpful in getting better quality of sleep and to feel more positive and calm about the planned caesarean of my son. While recovering in hospital I was surprised to find it was the hypnosis CDs that helped me rest much more deeply than the pain medication, I found them quite pleasant and soothing.
-Rebecca, April 2013

Smoking cessation

After years and years trying to quit smoking, stopping, then starting up again I was incredibly nervous about taking this step to stop once and for all. Bree put me totally at ease, helped me to prepare myself mentally by reducing concerns and doubts, and helped me discover that I could actually do it! Bree I cannot say thank you enough for what you helped me achieve, for my family, my grandchildren and for a healthier longer life without cigarettes. Thank you!
– Christine, April 2013

Fertility and birth trauma

I have been receiving hypnotherapy from Bree for the last 18 month after seeking support following a fairly traumatic period of unsuccessful IVF treatments. I was feeling quite damaged and emotionally vulnerable about the whole fertility journey. Bree worked with me to help me heal from my previous birth and breastfeeding trauma, fertility obstacles and other life issues, always providing understanding and empathy. I realise now I was in a pretty bad way, but Bree helped me enormously. Seeing Bree has been one of the best things I have done for total body and mind health. Along the journey Bree has helped me with anxiety, sleep issues and to live each day in a positive way. I am now working with Bree with a focus on fertility, and regardless of seeing several fertility specialists each who have given me a grim prognosis, I am confident that I will have all the tools to help me conceive naturally. Bree has given me support throughout this journey.
-Julie, March 2013

Pregnancy support – miscarriage

After finding out I was pregnant I immediately began worrying and stressing about the viability of the baby due to my history of miscarriages. Bree was able to support me in reducing my anxiety and help me feel calmer and more able to trust that my body could support this baby. I am now thrilled to be 11 weeks pregnant and I am past my usual point of miscarrying. I feel much more positive and hopeful that this pregnancy will go to term. Thank you Bree for your support and assistance, I didn’t realise how useful hypnotherapy could be!
-Mariana, Feb 2012

Fertility and IVF preparations

Thanks for your help and preparations; after a successful IVF transfer I am now 12wks pregnant and looking forward to enjoying less morning sickness. I really feel that the hypnotherapy work made a big difference to my successful pregnancy this time around. Thanks again,
-Pene, July 2012

Birth trauma

Coming up to the birth of my fourth child I was filled with dread and feeling quite anxious after having a very painful and difficult experience last time. I have been amazed at the results I have had from just one session with you and the follow up CD. I am feeling so much more relaxed and excited about the upcoming birth. Thank you!
-Mandy, Feb 2013