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Relationship Counselling relationship counselling

If you are looking for relationship Counselling the chances are your relationship isn’t in a very good place. Most of the time when people look for relationship counselling their relationship is often on the brink of disaster. It’s like people are flying a plane called their relationship. There are 2 pilots flying it and they decide to read the manual on the aircraft just when they are about to smash into the ground and the automatic terrain avoidance system is screaming at them. “PULL UP” “PULL UP”

If this is you, you aren’t alone. Most people who end up looking for relationship counselling do so at the same time.

Problems in relationships are jointly created most of the time. Solutions also need to be jointly created.

When people form a relationship they create habits in the way they relate to their partners. Those habits over time will often get repeated. But over time, as is often the case, someone in the relationship wants more. Either they want more closeness or more time apart. They may want more or better sex.

Alternatively, an agreement that they formed together at the beginning of the relationship may not be being met.

When a couple is having a relationship issue what we have found is that almost invariable one of three things are happening for one or both of the partners:


A value or values are being violated

An agreement that was made isn’t being bet or is being broken

A need that one partner has isn’t being met.

Finding out which one of those three things in happening, and it could be all three of those things for both partners, is the first step to solving the relationship crisis and getting back to the place you want to be.

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