Aspire Hypnotherapy Brisbane is here to assist you to experience the change that you desire so that you can live the life that you want.

At Aspire Hypnotherapy Brisbane, we create custom designed change programs that are created to ensure that you get the outcome you desire.

Each program is designed with your needs and goals in mind, also taking into account how you learnt how to have the problem in the first place.

Once the program is designed each session takes about 1.5 hours. Each program goes for 4 sessions. At the end of each session a ​hypnotic trance is created and recorded that in unique for you.

Every client we see is unique, so must every trance and every change program also be unique. ​

Whether it’s losing weight, releasing anxiety or improve your sports performance, we can assist you to achieving your goals

Our Services

Aspire Hypnotherapy offers hypnosis services in Brisbane for many issues.

Hypnosis for women

Hypnosis for women

They are ready to make changes in their lives, and are eager to do whatever they can to improve how they think and feel, but are yet to find something that really works for them.

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Hypnosis for men

Hypnosis for men

Many men interested in our services have sought some form of conventional medical treatment

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Hypnotherapy for relationships

Hypnotherapy for relationships

Most couples we speak to have at some stage experienced the challenges that a strained relationship can create.

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For many years I have been suffering from extreme anxiety and anger outbursts. I have seen many counsellors who taught me what to do if I get triggered but nothing has helped to stop the triggers themselves. After the first session with Michael my anxiety has decreased and have notice an enormous change in my reactions that normally trigger me into a rage. I already see that his method really works and I’m excited at the prospect of finally being in control when I find myself in difficult situations. Definitely recommend if you have similar issues.


Very understanding and compassionate


Even with only one session Michael was excellent. I have spent thousands in couples and individual counseling sessions over the last 6 months. Michael helped me see things clearly, understand the ‘why’ behind my relationship struggles and become personally empowered. Michael has made the difference and moreover is the first person to speak and provide clarity on my perspective and personal future. Thanks Michael, I appreciate it mate. Thank you.


Michael is a very easy understanding person who delivers his counseling at a level that really helps to make positive change.


Very kind helpful and made me feel better.


Michael helped me understand a lot of things I’ve been battling with for years in just one session. I already notice a change and I highly recommend anyone who is seeking help to reach out to Michael. Thank you so Much.


Hi Michael, we are happy, things are getting better, thank you so mucho, I feel that you have saved our relationship, I’m so grateful for that, thanks.


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Michael Brook | NLP Trainer, Practitioner + Master Hypnotist

Michael Brook was originally trained as an engineer but then felt drawn towards the world of Hypnosis and personal change and offers consultations from Moorooka, on the inner South Side.
Over a period of 15 years Michael has trained with many top names in the NLP and hypnotherapy fields including; John Grinder, Chris and Jules Collingwood, Catherine Connolly and Rex Urwin, Chris Howard, Tony Robbins, Mark Cunnningham.
Michael has written and presented various personal change programs including NLP practitioner and Master Practitioner and a ground breaking course on Human Relationship Dynamics.