Improving self-confidence with hypnosis

Confidence is an important aspect of a person’s life – believing in yourself and your abilities means you feel better about yourself. Hypnotherapy can increase self-confidence quickly, easily and has lasting results.

Confidence provides a foundation for success, achieving goals, being motivated, and feeling good about yourself. Confidence is something everyone should work on improving because it can dramatically change a person’s life for the better. Believing in yourself and your abilities will help you with your career, relationships, friendships, and feel better about yourself.

Did you know that hypnosis has shown to help people boost their confidence and it has lasting results.

Self-confidence is defined as belief in oneself and one’s powers and abilities. Confidence is the quality or state of being certain (Merriam-Webster). For some people, confidence seems to be an innate quality, something they are born with. However, studies have shown that people can work on their confidence and improve it with certain exercises. Improving one’s confidence can improve communication and self-control, which can greatly impact a person’s life.

Recently, self-hypnosis has become a popular form of building self-confidence (Elliott). It is highly effective, safe, and simple to incorporate into ones everyday life. Lack of confidence is similar to uncertainty; hypnosis helps people overcome fears so that they remove uncertainty and become more confident.

Hypnosis can target negative feelings in the unconscious mind, replacing with positive thoughts and emotions. In relation to confidence, hypnosis reprograms any anxiety or doubt you may feel and helps you think in a more positive and confident way.

A study was performed to test the effects of hypnosis on the self-confidence of 22 university faculty (Stanton, 1995). All participants were evaluated based on confidence before the use of hypnosis. Treatment consisted of hypnosis involving visualizations of confidence, both feeling confident and visualizing themselves as being confident. Relaxation training was also used to reduce any fears or anxiety. Confidence levels were evaluated immediately following the program and during a six-month follow-up.

Evaluations showed that all 22 participants had improved and sustained levels of confidence following the study and during the follow-up evaluation.

This study shows that hypnosis is an effective tool to use in increasing confidence. Hypnosis is easy to learn and administer. Simple positive suggestions used during hypnosis can have a profound effect on one’s confidence. Confidence is helpful in so many areas of life. This study and information on hypnosis shows that many people can benefit from hypnosis in relation to confidence. Hypnosis not only gives a person a boost in confidence, but it has lasting results and helps improve confidence long into the future.

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