Hypnotherapy for relationships

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Using hypnotherapy to transform your relationship

Most couples we speak to have at some stage experienced the challenges that a strained relationship can create. Arguments, tension and anger, frustration or not talking to each other at all.

Not to mention the heartbreak when a relationship or marriage ends. Relationships are often what give us the greatest joy in life, so when a relationship is going well everything else in life can appear to be going well.

In contrast when our relationships are not going well then getting through each day can be like running a marathon, while dragging a 20kg weight behind us.  Painful and exhausting.

Many men and women today are struggling to survive the day to day challenges of life, leaving little or no time for each other outside of work/career, parenting and family commitments. It can even seem like the modern lifestyle is not conducive to having healthy sustainable relationships and marriages.


At Aspire Hypnotherapy in Brisbane, we know how challenging relationship difficulties can be, and we know how important it is that relationship challenges are resolved in a compassionate, impartial and effective way.

Whether you are currently single and wanting to heal from a past relationship, or are in a marriage/ partnership which is struggling, at Aspire Hypnotherapy we are committed to assisting you get through this difficult time.

When children grow up, they are rarely educated about how to have a relationship. Which means that most of us (who were all once children) gain our information on how to have a relationship from sources that are less than perfect.

Hypnotherapy consultations

With the right help and guidance, you can rediscover what it was like when your relationship was humming along with ease, or learn how to create the relationship of your dreams.

Using hypnotherapy + nlp, our therapists will assist you to:

  • overcome your relationship difficulties
  • communicate your own needs more effectively
  • communicate with your partner in a way that is understood
  • create a vision of your lives together that works for both of you
  • how to keep love alive over an extended period of time.

Hypnotherapy for relationship issues

Love really is the sweetest thing in life – it gives our daily existence true joy and meaning.

At Aspire Hypnotherapy we want our clients to know and feel this so we are are here help you rekindle, redevelop and re-strengthen your relationship. Discover how an experienced, qualified hypnotherapist can help you.

Brisbane Appointments

We offer hypnotherapy + coaching consultations at two Brisbane locations; Moorooka, Inner South Side, Brisbane.

In our experience it is best if you both seek assistance during times of challenge in your relationship, so we suggest that men seeking help work with Michael privately, while their female partners work with Bree.

Read more about our therapeutic approach , who we are  or make an appointment by phoning 07 3411 7796.


Hypnotherapy and coaching with Aspire Hypnotherapy Brisbane is ideal for couples seeking an alternative to relationship and marriage counselling or want a different approach to couples therapy that really gets results. If you want help with relationship issues in Brisbane, check out our upcoming workshops or get in touch for a consultation.
Appointments for men are available near the Brisbane CBD at Bowen Hills.