Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

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Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Hypnotherapy for anxiety.Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Many people use Hypnotherapy for anxiety. It’s proven to be highly effective in a variety of anxiety disorders.

Anxiety has many causes and many manifestations. Some anxiety is experienced by people prior to surgery and post operatively. Some people experience generalized anxiety. Other people experience panic attacks that are out of their control once triggered by a particular context or environment.

Some anxieties are very easy to understand. Being anxious about going into surgery is understandable. Other anxieties are more difficult to understand.

While all anxieties are different, they have similar features. Anxiety frequently is triggered by a particular environment or context, the person experiencing the anxiety will frequently imagine negative things happening within that environment and then have a strong physiological response based on the imagined negative event that hasn’t happened yet.

The treatment of anxiety involves a number of steps.

Firstly the nature of the anxiety is uncovered. Where they have the anxiety, how long it lasts for, what happens for them when they have it and how long it lasts for, are all uncovered.

Secondly, when and where the anxiety was learnt is uncovered. Most fears are learned behaviors. Frequently people who have anxiety about a particular experience, had a original experience in which they learnt to have the anxiety.

The next step is the step where under hypnosis the client learns a new way of responding in response to the environment.

The unconscious mind notices what’s different but does what’s familiar to it. So, it’s important when learning a new way of responding to a particular environment or context, to practice and rehearse a different way of responding to a particular context.

At Aspire Hypnotherapy we record the trances that are unique to the client into their mobile phones. They are then tasked with listening to  the trance for 21 days. This has the effect of deepening and strengthening the suggestions as well as assisting the unconscious mind of the client to rehearse the desired response.

Anxiety is changeable and responds very well to Hypnotherapy.

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