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Is your Relationship going down the tube?

Are you desperate to change things but don't know how?

Have you gotten to end of your rope and down know how to keep going?

What we've found is that Many couples relationship goes into crisis,

not because the relationship won't work.

Their relationship goes into crisis because they both have never learnt

how to fix a relationship from anyone.


The problem is skill and aptitude. 


A lot of couples that we have worked with rapidly change their relationship for the better, in a short period. They do this through learning a couple of simple skills and then apply them to their relationship.

In a short period of time, if both people choose to engage with the process, couples can experience a rapid change in their relationship. 

What Happens When Couples/Individuals

 work with us

They Reduce the fighting in their relationship

Repetitive arguments in a long term relationship are almost always symptomatic and never causal. When you treat the cause, the symptoms disappear, as in the fighting stops.

They Rediscover their desire

Couples to work with us, and through the program work on themselves. Often experience an increase in their desire for the relationship. The stress of the crisis is rapidly dissipated. 

They Improve the intimacy

Frequently couples who do the program find a reconnection with each other. The level of emotional and physical intimacy increases quickly. 

They Change the Dynamic

When your relationship is going badly, everything is going badly. Improve your relationship and everything looks much better and brighter. 

Things can change really quickly with the right skills and knowledge

Many people when they are growing up spend 70 to 100 hours of time and a lot of money learning how to drive a car, so they can avoid smashing up their cars and their lives. 

But how much time and money does the average person spend on learning how to have a great relationship?

How much time does the average person spend understanding the rules of the road in relationships and how to, not just avoid crashes, but to have really awesome relationship?


Is it any surprise then that many people don't know how to steer a relationship away from a smash?

Is it any surprise that many peoples learning strategy around relationships is one of having repeated smashes 

and at the end wondering why they keep making the same mistakes again

When we work with people who are having issues with their relationship, we give them the knowledge that they need to steer the relationship safely. 

We give them the knowledge to avoid the smash and to start pointing the relationship to where they want it to go rather than to a brick wall 

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What our customers are saying:

Couples Counselling Client Testimonial

First session done and we got lots of useful information and we feel like we have some really good stuff to work with. Felt heard and like we are on the absolute right path with awesome goals to reach. Thanks Michael looking forward to the next session!


Couples Counselling Client Testimonial

Michael was excellent in listening to both my partner and I perspectives and giving us understanding into relationships and how to manage our communication skills better to improve our relationship. Also providing us with homework and follow ups often enabled us to get back on track with our relationship and we are now happier and working together with the advice given and would highly recommend Michael who is also open minded and adds humour into the session as it can break the ice so to speak :). Thanks again Michael.


What makes Aspire Relationship Counselling different?

As Our approach pulls the best information from all the major relationship educators in the current market. We take what is best from each of them and bring those tools. 

Some relationship educators see relationship difficulties to ones of communication skills.

Some relationship educators see relationship difficulties to be issues of sexual polarity.

Some relationship educators see relationship issues as ones of differentiation and individuation.

Are they all right or all wrong?

The answer is sometimes.

Some couples have one of those issues or all of those issues. 

By applying the appropriate tool to the appropriate problem rapid change can happen. 

What our Program Involves

Many couples can present many different things to an initial session, whether it's communication issues, resentment, a loss of intimacy, excessive fighting, abuse, infidelity, separation or other things. Whilst the first session can vary a bit, the elements of the program remain as they are all important and like a jigsaw puzzle, they all fit together. 

  1. 1
    The first session involves dealing with the immediate issues that are present in the relationship. The initial understanding of the Collaborative alliance, The success formula for relationships and the Balance Model of relationships are presented. Homework is given appropriate to the presenting issue
  2. 2
    The 6 agreements are normally presented in the second session. These form the foundation of all good relationships. The 3 areas of relationships that need to be in place are presented. Homework is given appropriate to the issues and how each client did.
  3. 3
    The 3 drivers of relationships are discussed along with the characteristics of a thriving relationship. The topic of the balance model of relationships is revisited.  We talk about How to recover your relationship from conflict and how to maintain a thriving sex life. Homework is given based on the feedback from the clients
  4. 4
    The 4th session is about making sure the gains in the relationship are turned into habits. The issue of how to keep love and independence thriving in long term relationships is address. We talk about intimacy, how to keep it going and alive and ensure there aren't any niggles that may come up
  5. 5
    The fifth session involves making the new patterns of communication and responding to their partner habit. It's one thing to make changes for the short term. It's another to make them permanent. This is the final session. 

Michael Brook  //  Director

I'm passionate about helping people have better relationships and experience more love and joy in their lives. Whether it's helping a client improve their relationship, get over a breakup, deal with a separation or have deeper intimacy and better sex, I believe that people can improve their lives through taking action to make the simple changes that make all the difference.

I specialize in very rapid, direct and highly effective relationship/couples counselling that quickly gets to the heart of the issues that may exist in your relationship.

I'm very direct and ensure that the change my clients want happens fast. 

Michael Brook

Join Hundreds of Happy Customers

Couples Counselling Client

My partner and i went to see Michael for the first time last week and we were very impressed. Michael was very knowledgeable and gave us great advice for our relationship. Michael is very down to earth and he makes you feel comfortable asking him any question you throw at him. We look forward to seeing Michael again. He has given us some exercises to do via email and was very helpful. We highly recommend Michael because he is good at his work and is very easy going, felt like we’ve known him forever 😊
Thanks again Michael!
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ all the way! 👍😊

T & R  

The best kinds of testimonials are...

Mike was absolutely amazing, he is very direct and to the point which was extremely helpful for us. We had our first session with mike last night, both of us were nervous and didn’t know what to expect from our session, however after the session we both agreed how great mike was and we both felt as though we had a clearer understanding of where we are at and what we need to do. We can’t wait to have another session in a few weeks time. Thank you mike for your help & for being real and direct.


Couples Counselling Client

Even with only one session Michael was excellent. I have spent thousands in couples and individual counseling sessions over the last 6 months. Michael helped me see things clearly, understand the ‘why’ behind my relationship struggles and become personally empowered. Michael has made the difference and moreover is the first person to speak and provide clarity on my perspective and personal future. Thanks Michael, I appreciate it mate. Thank you.


The Best Time to Start Fixing your relationship is Now!

After working with hundreds of couples, I know what things don't improve by themselves. You have to take the steps to move things forward. Change can be challenging but, what you want is on the other side of the challenge.

A reduction in stress, new levels of love, connection and intimacy are available for you.

After working with hundreds of couples, I know one thing.


Click on the form below to start getting your relationship back on track. 


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you aren't seeing your relationship differently by the end of the first session and feel like you haven't had a great experience, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

Michael Brook

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take?

The change program with Aspire Relationship Counselling only goes for 5 sessions. Most couples experience massive positive change in the first 2 sessions if both people participate in the change process. The sessions are spaced a fortnight apart. 


Do I need my partner to come along?

While it's definitely preferable, one person can dramatically change the dynamic of a relationship through changing their behavior alone. If both people are there then, they can both have an agreed upon framework for understanding how the reletionship is working and why the changes that are being made are. 


Do you do out of hours sessions?

Yes, I work sessions out of hours and on weekends. I work with couples all over Australia online and have great success with them.  There is no difference in the effectiveness of the program between face to face and online.

I often do sessions with couples with young kids after the kids have gone to bed. 


Is my relationship broken?

I've worked with many couples who were on the point of separation and they recovered their relationship and went on to new levels of connection and intimacy. 

A relationship is only broken under very specific circumstances. 


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