Are you addicted to your emotional states??

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Hypnotherapy and emotions

A lot work with clients is focused on working with the connection between Hypnotherapy and emotions.

When working with clients, I often find that what they present with isn’t the problem. The true problem is the emotional states they are experiencing. Let me explain.

People experience a variety of emotional states in life.

They can feel good and positive or they can feel bad or negative.  The situations you are experiencing in your life will mean that you can notice an ongoing pattern of emotional states.  

For example, if you are in a positive relationship, doing a job that you love and are healthy physically and financially, you will probably be experiencing a lot of good emotional states.

In contrast, if you are in an abusive relationship, you hate your job, you are sick all the time and you are constantly broke, the chances are you are probably experiencing a lot of negative states.

Often when people are in a bad / uncomfortable situation in life which is causing them to experience a lot of negative states will take up a habit that gets them – temporarily – out of those negative emotions. This could be a range of habits, but most common ones are; are eating junk food or sugar, drinking too much alcohol, smoking, taking drugs, etc…

When we consume these foods / substances a person can temporarily forget the negative states that they are living in.


The issue with this is that the human mind is hard wired to make a habit out of anything that is done on a repeated basis.  Whether it’s the pattern of emotional states you are in, or the habits you take up as a response to the states, you mind will make them a habit if you continue to do them often enough.

When assisting people to change, a therapist needs to address the underlying negative emotions as well as the habits that people take up in response to the negative emotions in their lives. AND, once this is done thoroughly, we get a different response happening towards that bad / unhealthy habit.


Penned by Michael Brook, Master Hypnotist

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