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anxiety treatment brisbaneAnxiety Treatment Brisbane

Have you searched for Anxiety Treatment Brisbane? Do you need some help dealing with anxiety? If this is true you have come to the right place.

Stress and anxiety are responses to external threats. The body responds to the external treats via the Hypothalamus, Pituitary, Adrenal loop. In response to perceived external threats a lot of stress chemicals are released that place the body on alert and in a hypervigilant state.

As an occasional response to external threats to your body it works brilliantly. However, in environments where the stress is constant and ongoing it can have profoundly negative effects on a person’s peace of mind and physical body. Ongoing stress has been said to have a contribution to 80% of all modern diseases.

Hypnosis works very well with stress and anxiety in that it can reprogram the internal response to the external environment. Once an internal response in automated it is perpetuated.  Hypnosis retrains the brain to experience the external environment as less stressful or to solve the problems presented in the external environment thereby reducing the stress.

Anxiety and panic attacks are similarly learned responses to stressful environment. From an evolutionary perspective this makes a lot of sense.  Learn a strong response that assists survival given in strongly negative environment that could affect survival.

What we do for anxiety treatment Brisbane?

When treating anxiety we:

  • look the initial experience where the response has been learnt
  • The pattern of responding to the external environment and what triggers the anxiety
  • and the desired response to the anxiety inducing trigger.

The desired behavior is the made into a hypnotic trance and recorded into the clients mobile phone for them to repeatedly listen to the trance. This is done to condition the desired response into deeply into the mind of the client when an environment that looks like the old pattern of behaviour is needed, the unconscious mind responds with a new behaviour.

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