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anxiety brisbaneDo you suffer from anxiety Brisbane?

Do you suffer from anxiety Brisbane? Does your heart race when you have to do something simple. Do you sometimes wish that you could change the way you respond. If this is you have you have come to the right place.

Anxiety is an internal response to an external event. The external event happens and you experience an internal stress response in relationship to the external event. Anxiety is often a learned response in response. A stressful environment or experience occurred in the past generated a stressful response and when a environment appears that appears similar to that environment, your unconscious mind will, helpfully, generate the stress response.

However, it can do this many years after the initial experience.

How we work with anxiety

When working with people with anxiety we normally follow the following steps:

  • we find out when the client learnt the anxiety response.
  • We find out what type of response response you would like instead the anxiety response.
  • we find out what you need to do to remove yourself from or change the stressful environment in which the anxiety response occurs.

At Aspire hypnotherapy we create custom change programs for our clients. We find out the unique aspects of how they came about to have their problem and the unique suggestions that will assist them in overcoming the problem and responding to the stressful environment differently.

Highly stressful environments don’t have to responded to stressfully.


Pilots train themselves to respond to stressful event highly effectively through training drills.

Hypnosis allows you to train your mind to respond to the way you want to. We record the trances into your mobile so that you can repeatedly train your mind to respond effectively to the stressful environment.

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